Are you a owner or manager of a restaurant, café or bar?

Are you a owner or manager of a restaurant, a café or a bar?

LinkCard’s service is here to change your business and relationship with your customers. You have never been so closed!

Today the QR code has become a fashion tool; they are everywhere (restaurants, advertising posters, products wrappings etc.). Maybe you are already using one?
Most of the QR Codes currently used are simply links to web pages or facebook pages. This is not the best usage and it’s a shame.

LinkCard offers a better usage of this powerful tool that is QR Code. 
LinkCard’s QR code is a business card for you, for your restaurant and it grows with your business. 
You can store almost an unlimited amount of information. 

Some information that your LinkCard can store :

  • Restaurant’s name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Link to website
  • Link to facebook page
  • Opening hours
  • Menu of the day
  • Promotions

And much more…



Once created, the code can be scanned with LinkCard’s mobile application from various supports such as:

  • Menu card. Your customers, while waiting for their orders and playing with their Smartphone will scan your LinkCard and get the contact details of the restaurant in their phone. They will never loose it and they will always know where to find your contact: In their Smartphone!
  • The showcase of your restaurant: The customers are able to scan and get the contact details of the restaurant whether it’s opened or not.
  • The website of the restaurant.

Some advantages of using LinkCard :

•    Your customers can access the menus of the day directly in their Smartphone!
•    Your customers will never loose your contact details, they are stored in their Smartphone and available anytime, anywhere.
•    Your business card is alive; you can update your details anytime. You customers will have the latest details.
•    Forget about shortage of business cards and no need to print or order paper business cards anymore.

It’s time to innovate, be among the first to offer this to your customers.
Get your free LinkCard now!

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