The QR code*is a type of barcode in two dimensions (matrix barcode) consists of black modules arranged in a square white background. The layout of these points defines the information that contains the code.
QR (for Quick Response) means that the content of the code can be decoded quickly after being read by a barcode reader, a mobile phone, a smartphone or a webcam. Its advantage is that you can store more information than a bar code, and especially data directly recognized by applications, making it easy to trigger actions such as:​

  • capture LinkCard digital cards
  • navigate to a website, visit a website or to the address of a site bookmark;
  • show geographically on a map, such as OpenStreetMap, Google Maps or Bing Maps;
  • watch video online or multimedia content;
  • connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • trigger a call to a phone number or send an SMS;
  • email;
  • etc.

In general, a QR code looks like:

while that of is recognizable by the presence of its logo in the center:


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